Radio: Impossible!

About Radio: Impossible!

Every episode is different and you'll never know what each episode will bring.
From rare songs, comedy skits, TV theme songs and so much more.

If you have a band or you're a comic, wrote a book, or just want to do something odd and unique,
Radio: Impossible! is for you.

WDDF Radio has more than 80,000 listeners/month.


Must be less than 5 minutes
Must be in MP3 or WAV format
Must not contain anything offensive or include any objectable language
You must own the work created
Submitting your program gives WDDF Radio the permission to air the work.‚Äč

Episodes air randomly
1:20am | 1:20pm
3:20am | 3:20pm
5:20am | 5:20pm
7:20am | 7:20pm
9:20am | 9:20pm
11:20am | 11:20pm

Email your episode to:

Episode 01 - Shaving Cream (Benny Bell)
Episode 02 - Just Dropped In To Say Hello (Three Stooges)
Episode 03 - Millenials (Kevin Bacon)
Episode 04 - Davy Jones Discusses The Beatles (Davy Jones)
Episode 05 - The Love Boat (Jack Jones)
Episode 06 - The Brady Kids Theme (Brady Kids)
Episode 07 - In My Town (Arndts & Feldman) Submitted by Bob Arndts & David Feldman
Episode 08 - Penalty Box (Dave Schultz)
Episode 09 - Kellerman's Anthem (Dirty Dancing)
Episode 10 - About Everything (Corduroy Spaceship) Submitted by Corduroy Spaceship
Episode 11 - Wake Up (Stop)